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Shocking facts about the acid found in snake stomach

Did you know that the acid in snake stomach can dissolve teeth and bones but can’t dissolve hair or fingernails?

Snakes utilize robust dissolving enzymes. though snakes do secrete diluted (HCl), the enzymes alongside muscular contractions are robust enough to dissolve and churn bones and eggshells. but chitin and keratin proteinaceous material (ie: hair, claws/fingernails? scales, hooves, insect exoskeletons) don’t seem to be digestible, so are excreted.


The process starts by the spit acting as a lubricator as peristaltic action forces the complete prey down the muscle system and into the abdomen. Metabolic digestion kicks into gear once the food has entered the abdomen. HCl acid production drops barbiturate hydrogen ion concentration from seven to a pair among twenty-four hours. With the cleaved enzyme accelerator, pepsin, and therefore the enzyme, amylase, the soft tissues and skeleton of the prey begin to dissolve, beginning with the top. Also, the discharge of the prey’s own enzymes is conducted throughout digestion that any aid in the breakdown. By the third day, all that’s left is essentially composed of parts of trunk vertebrae, hind limbs, tail, and hair. The rest, composed of internal organ food has been sent to the tiny internal organ for nutrient absorption. By the sixth day, all that’s remaining within the abdomen is primarily a mat of fur/hair.

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