Popular Actor Paul Obazele says Nollywood is controlled by homosexual1 min read



former President of the Association of Movie Producers in Federal Republic of Nigeria, Paul Obazele, says Homosexual producers have taken Nollywood. He made the allegation in an interview with Punch.

”I wouldn’t lie, we’ve got gay producers and lesbians within the Nigerian show business and that they are the people in control. Why are we concealing it? when I was president of the Association of movie producers, I used to be against them. Why are we pretending that it doesn’t happen? the same way it happens in Nollywood is that the same manner it happens within the medical field and alternative fields. the reality is told, it happens across the board. If you mention the names of some producers, I’d gladly tell you if they’re gay or not; they can’t do something to me. If they create a war to me, I’d take it to their doorsteps. I don’t provide gossips, however, I even have to be compelled to a place in my life when some unsolicited piece of data come back to me. they need to tell me. I’m an elder in this business which is why I said if you mention names, I’d tell you if the person is gay or not. It doesn’t elude us; it happens within our rank and file. however like I continuously say, sex isn’t last word step to attaining success, it’s diligence.” he said