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For a unique website for blogging music, xxx, movie, and E-Commerce that will
1. Be search engine friendly and whose keywords attract clients through search engines like Google, Yahoo and popular social media like YouTube, Google+ etc

2. Enable customers to search the products in categories ( e.g cure for measles) and in the product name (e.g olive oil)

3. Facilitate customers buying and paying online (if you wish) through dollar or naira while you receive your money into your bank account. (e-commerce)

4. Be mobile friendly and desktop, laptop, and mobile phones size fitting.

5. Have a free online chat portal where you can chat directly with clients online.

6. Highly customizable Contact form, where customers can reach you.

7. Have good layout and customizable background that reflects the service/product being offered.


8. Comprehensive Admin tools among which enables you to know how many customers have to access your site, from which country, on what need do they come, and the effectiveness of search engine to attract unlimited customers. (All these enable you to take accurate decision for the site’s progress and that of service/product)

9. Creation of google-webmaster tools and google analytic that shows the in and out of your website qualities.

10. Have adequate (free or paid) security plugins to guard against spams, virus, malware and other security threats

11. Grammatically and spelling error free content

12. Image-fit pictures that speak more than words

13. And so many others as you may wish.

14. Will teach you how to manage your site


Over 3 years of servicing (experience), Nigerians stand us out.

Our charges are pocket-friendly with as low as N12,000 for a complete Website including, domain name, hosting (up to 99% up-time), website design and development

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