Bomb blast in a restaurant in Canada injured 15 people.

A bomb explosion at an Indian restaurant within the Canadian town of Mississauga has wounded quite a dozen folks, with three in vital condition. Local paramedics transferred the victims to a close-by hospital, with three who had sustained crucial injuries taken to the trauma center. center> Police are searching for the two suspects, it’s an ongoing crime scene investigation.   Share on: WhatsApp

Monsoon rain killed twelve people in Sri Lanka.

Heavy monsoon rain in Sri Lanka has left at least twelve individuals dead and over forty, others displaced across the country. Officials ordered the military to assist those laid low with the showers, believed to be upwards of a hundred folks up to now. The country’s disaster management agency has… Read More

Three Ebola patients escape quarantine in DRC, two later die

Ebola patients World Health Organization escaped quarantine within the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Mbandaka have died, the top of medical charity Doctors without borderlines (MSF) mission within the town same. The third patient was found alive and is presently under observation by MSF and the World Health Organization (WHO), the MSF’s Henri gray same on Wed.… Read More

Unknown Gunmen attacked the guard post at Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Helipad at Igbodene in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

    A yet-to-be-known gunman has attacked a guard post at the Nigerian Air Force Helipad killing one air-man within the process. NAF Director of public relations and information, Olatokunbo Adesanya World Health Organization confirmed this during a statement on Monday said the attack occurred early on Sunday, May 13. “In the first hours… Read More

1 dead, 10 injured as suicide bombers assault police headquarters in Surabaya

Thirteen humans were killed in Indonesia in the course of coordinated suicide bombings focused on three churches(read right here), another bomb assault has been accomplished in Indonesia, this time, the target is a police headquarters in Surabaya. A family of five, along with an 8-year-vintage girl, accomplished the bomb attack on a police headquarters in Surabaya killing at the least one man or woman and injuring 10, an Indonesian police official has stated.… Read More

On Thursday, exigency service officials reputed that three men armed mutually guns and knives slit the throats of three worshippers at a house of worship adjoining Durban in South Africa and a soul was killed. One of the victims… Read More

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